We specialize in vehicle ECU Remapping, Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning for vehicles. You can visit us at our workshop or we provide a fully mobile service for all our work, this is to try make things easier for you as a customer.

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping is carried out mainly through the diagnostic socket in the vehicle, this allows us to access the file that is in the ECU from the factory, we take a copy of the original file and keep them on our database in case you would like to put the car back to the standard settings, we then adjust the file to suit your needs, more power and torque, more fuel economy or mixture of both. This is done by altering the maps for things like, Turbo Boost, Fuelling, Ignition Timing and others. Some of the more modern ECU’s now need to be taken off the vehicle to allows us to connect directly to the circuit board inside the ECU to be able to read the file, this is due to anti tuning protection the manufacturers now install to try stop the ECU’s being tuned. We are still able to tune these vehicles/ECU’s but they do take a little longer as we have to remove the ECU from the vehicle. Our work is not traceable and because 90% of it is done through the diagnostic socket no one would know any different, as for the older systems known as “chipping” this included having visible work carried out on the ECU. We can also carry out DPF Removal.

Auto Electrical

We have all the up to date diagnostic equipment to read Engine Management systems, ABS systems, Airbags, Body control units and lots more. Most of our equipment is dealer level so we can normally carry out most jobs that your normal diagnostic machines wont. We cover all makes and models, cars, vans, campers/motorhomes.

We carry out repair work to wiring faults, ecu’s, electrical components and have the ‘know how’ to find the hardest of intermittent electrical faults through to fitting stereos and hands free kits. We supply parts if needed at very reasonable rates for any jobs to be completed. We can also fit parts you supply with just a labour charge.

We specialise in non-starting vehicles!!!

Vehicle Air Conditioning

We are fully equipped to come to your home or place of work to carry out an Air Conditioning Re-gas or service. We are fully qualified and follow the correct procedures for the removal of the refrigerant R134a.

Full Re-gas – Includes: Current system check, vacuum system, replace refrigerant to the correct amount, add oil and UV dye.

We can offer many other services like Pressure testing, Leak detection, fault finding, electronic diagnostics, Electrical repairs, parts supplied and fitted at very reasonable rates.

We also cater for the older R12 systems, we can carry out all the above procedures on the less common systems and we have a replacement refrigerant option to keep your system in use.

DPF or FAP Removal

We offer DPF removal from the ECU system, this may need some minor mechanical work as well but we offer this service instead of you having to spend a fortune on a new DPF. Once the DPF is removed the system won’t try to regenerate again and won’t bring up any fault codes in that area of the engine management system.

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