All Smarts that we remap are custom tuned to customers requirements so performance figures may vary.

On average the tuning process can be completed within a couple of hours depending on which model, later models have tuning protection but we are able to deal with this and still tune vehicle as normal but this process does take slightly longer to carry out, contact us for more info.

Please contact us for a free no obligation quote, we will be happy to help and try our best to beat any genuine quote!!

Smart Smart 45
Model Original Tuned Original Tuned
Smart 45 45 HP 70 HP 70 NM 99 NM
Smart Smart CDI
Model Original Tuned Original Tuned
Smart CDI 41 41 HP 61 HP 100 NM 141 NM
Smart CDI 55 55 HP 70 HP 80 NM 100 NM
Smart Smart ForFour
Model Original Tuned Original Tuned
Smart ForFour 1.5 CDI 95 95 HP 120 HP 210 NM 267 NM
Smart ForFour 1.5 CDI 68 68 HP 95 HP 160 NM 212 NM
Smart Smart Roadster
Model Original Tuned Original Tuned
Smart Roadster 61 61 HP 80 HP 95 NM 127 NM
Smart Roadster 82 82 HP 99 HP 110 NM 132 NM

We are constantly updating our vehicle database with many new makes and models, if your car is not listed please contact us for a free quote 07731787825.

We have a large range of ECU Remap equipment that is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, we can now offer ECU Remapping on brand new vehicles.